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First VO Role in Animation in... Quite a While

2012-02-29 22:27:08 by SnakeYukin

Never had quite a lot of luck involving animations. In a lot of places I looked, either they don't have a lot of people wanting voices for an animations or said animations just isn't interesting to me. If I do find animations I like, my luck is that I tend to be either a.) late to audition or b.) I forget to audition.

The last flash project that I recall doing didn't turn out that well. Back when I did videos recapping some of the best browser games of the week, I came across a game that I voiced in. I wasn't told about it being released, which I sorta expected as I was contacted through a site that offers services/goods for $X... which, of course, I offer voice acting services.

In the finished product, I was burned. My audio was screwed up in his game (compared to the original file) and the way he wanted the lines done just didn't come out that well. The first take or two I did and sent in, it sounded right, but the way the director wanted it... well... just didn't turn out that well. Of course, I end up getting blamed for it being bad and being labeled as a bad voice actor.

Anyways, slight ranting and memories aside, I just recently got into an animation and it turned out well. Reviewers so far are enjoying it and I've only read one review who said my audio could be better. Also, one thought I somewhat sounded like Goku, which sure is a new one for me.

Check it out and share the love. If not for a grumpy ol' me, but for a young animator.

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