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SDLS's many vocal abities SDLS's many vocal abities

Rated 2 / 5 stars

So many voices... yet nearly all sound alike

Reminds me when I did one of my first demos and what someone told me, "Nearly all of your voices sound alike." That's not to say all of the voices were alike or sounded like your normal voice, but the vast majority did sound very similar to your normal voice. So my advice is to try to improve your range and trying to make several of your voices sound different from your normal voice. That way, you can get multicast in a project... maybe.

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SDLS responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, I know I'm probably not as good as some of the amazing talent I have seen out there, but it's a work in progress of course. The reason why I say thanks is because your the only one who has reviewed for me out of the others. I definateley found it helpful, so thanks! :)